Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lunar eclipse!

The other night, Wednesday, Mum and I took in a bit of the lunar eclipse. It was pretty cool. A really clear night and we could see it from our living room window. Nice since it was about 10 degrees outside. Mum took a quick pic from our little digital camera - here's what we saw ...

After a little while it turned red kind of like this...this isn't Mum's pic, but you get the idea...

Pretty cool! Next total Lunar Eclipse? December 21, 2010, be sure and mark your calendars! Anyone else out howling at the Moon on Wednesday/Thursday?


  1. That was a pretty cool picture. Your mom did well. Ourmom messes up most of the pictures, and has to redo them. We think she is camera challenged.

    High five paws,
    Cookie and crew

  2. Wow, nice! You and your mom are great researchers.


Thanks for barking in!

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