Thursday, February 14, 2008

My commercial - Why Rocks!

The nice folks at asked me to do a commercial. And I have to say, that was an easy call on my part. Why? Because I have purchased all kinds of things from them in the past - from software, to dog agility gear, to toys and much more. This is why rocks!

They have all kinds of items for two and four-leggers, they have great prices, incredible price comparison shopping, it's convenient and online, saves me time and money, and they have great coupons for first time customers - what could be better! And they have a lot of other 'celebrities' pitching for them, from Ryan Seacrest to Howie Mandel!

So I hope you enjoy my little commercial - why rocks!


  1. YOU rock! Cool video.


  2. hahah... nice advert u got there johann...

    i love that' fun toys to torture'...

  3. Loved the graphics. You are a star, Johann.


Thanks for barking in!

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