Friday, February 15, 2008

A nice treat!

Since it's been cold and kinda boring around here, accept for my treadmill, of course; Mum decided to whip us up a nice little treat for my after workout and for Gracie's dessert!

Here it is!

Looks like glop you say? Yeah, but it tastes so good! It has yogurt, carrots (Gracie's fav), blueberries, banana and a little peanut butter.

All together now - YUMMMMMMYYYYY!!!!!!

Thanks Mum, makes our day a little brighter!

Our blogging friend, Khyra, says Mum should stuff our old marrow bones with this stuff and freeze. But it's been so cold, we think we'll wait on that until it gets a little warmer. Can you say 'brain freeze'! But we are really looking forward to them come Spring and Summer.

BTW - we are super behind on visiting with everyone - with my injury, my Grandmum's passing, my rehab and getting caught up with work. We're sorry, but hope we can catch up more this weekend.


  1. Hi Johann,
    this treat sounds yummy and very healthy. Sorry to hear about all your troubles and your Grandmum. We've gotten behind on our visiting too, but hope to improve. Take care buddy.
    Abby & Rosie

  2. I completely agree with Chris and i am very sorry about all your troubles. Hope, everything will be fine. And what about dish, sounds great but looks not very mouth-watering. In any case, i think it is delicious. Angel from

  3. not only can you freeze it in marrow bones, but you can freeze it in Kongs.. just be sure to plug the small end with cream cheese or something and then stand them up when you freeze it.

    I also freeze Kefir with bananas inside dixie cups... then when I want to give the kids one, I dip it in hot water and peel the paper off...

  4. I would like the blueberries, banana and carrots -- you can eat the rest =:-)


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