Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Personalized address labels!

Since Mum is in marketing and she promotes me and my website a lot, she's always looking for ways to 'get the word' out. One of the ways is through personalized items like cheap address labels. She can customize them, put my pic on them, and send them out with our regular mail.

One day we had some personalized info on a trial entry envelope and the trial secretary saw it, they checked out our website and ended up buying one of our cool agility shirts. When we got to the trial they were wearing the shirt and we thought it was so much fun! All of us had a great time talking about the shirt, how they decided which one to buy, how fast the service was, what they thought of the quality - it was a great time to meet and talk with one of our customers in person - which we don't get to do very often.

VistaPrint has always offered a wide range of printing services for folks that like to market their wares like we do. They offer all kinds of promotional items, like postcards, address labels, stamps, magnets and lots more

Right now they are offering a discount - 75% off address labels if you use coupon code 'BlogAddress75' upon checkout. Whether you are promoting a business or just want to have some fun, try out these inexpensive personalized address labels.


  1. I have enjoyed reading about the seminar. How does she tell you to get your dog to be independent and not check in with you. thanks, Diana

  2. VistaPrint is great. I bought my blog "business" cards through them. They offer free cards for only the cost of shipping pretty regularly!

  3. This web site offers free business cards ALL THE TIME. You don't need a coupon.



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