Friday, March 07, 2008

Around the dog blog-o-sphere!

It's time for our weekly - goings on around the dog blog-o-sphere!
  • Be sure and stop by to read what others are sharing about their seminar experiences with Silvia Trkman as she criss-crosses the country: Check out the Training Journal for Devon and Jamie - Part 1 and Part 2; and visit 4 Dog Craziness for even more! I love how we all wrote about different aspects and subjects that we learned from Silvia, but we all agreed the time we spent with her was enjoyable and valuable.
  • If your interested in learning more about 'Listening to and watching your Dog,' head on over to the Columbia Canine Sports Center blog, interesting reading.
  • Beep, beep, beep - Ok, ok, I admit it - Mum's been trying to teach me to back up for months now and all I do is spin - must be a sheltie thing. Gracie's got it down pat, but me...may be a while. We found a great post with vids on how to teach your pup to back up! We're gonna keep at it...
  • Have fun watching the Elite Forces pups give nose touch after nose touch - we did!
  • This one is special - one of our blogging buddies Mum has taken a sabbatical of sorts and ventured to Utah to spend a week volunteering at Best Friends - and she's blogging about it all - not to be missed.
  • PetConnection posted some great doggie treat recipes the other day and invited others to leave more recipes in the comment section - we're gonna give some of them a try fur sure, especially the liver pudding, oh my DOG!
  • The Dog/Cat log posted about companies that do and do not test on animals, shared from another blog - great info to be aware of and check out. But be sure and validate any info of this nature, K? Animal testing is a serious allegation and shouldn't be taken lightly.
  • There are two posts I wanted to point out on my Rescue Me sure and visit Jesse, the puppy golden retriever looking for his furever home (you'll also be able to enjoy a really fun vid); and read more about MSNBC's article online about black dog discrimination!
  • Last, but not least, stop by and vote for one of my new blog buttons - which one is your favorite?
Happy blogging!


  1. Wow.. lots of great dog links here. Had much fun checking them out.

  2. Hi Johann! I (Crikit) jus think you're so way handsome & smart looking in this pic! Hey I haven't been able to get M&D to get me into agility but I did learn backup command really quick when mom won't throw my t-ball unless I backed away but if she holds onto it too long I'll backup and then sit lol

    We just stopped by to say Hi & thank you fur visiting when we had issues. We'll be back to read all the informative info we missed

    Love Licks & waggin Tx tails


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