Friday, March 28, 2008

Fence? Say what?

After my fun time the other day off leash, Mum still hasn't decided if she'll let me do it again. Guess she'll just have to see what my 'mood' is for the day and go from there.

You couldn't see it very well in the video, but while I was out hiking several days ago, I headed out for a nice inspection of an amazing pool on the back lot of one of the humongous houses on the edge of the wooded area. But Mum called me back before I could inspect fully. And then the house next door to them I couldn't even get to because they had this amazing fence around their property.

We live in a really nice area, but have one of the least expensive homes around. Mum thought it was a good idea for resale value. We think she's gonna be right! But I have to tell you about this amazing fence! The fence looked like a concrete fence, but it wasn't. It was one of those vinyl fences that looks like concrete.

It was very cool, but the only thing I didn't like is that you could see through it, but it sure did give a lot of privacy - I couldn't get into their yard no matter how hard I tried.

So this weekend is supposed to be really nice. We're going to do some agility in the backyard, some spring cleaning, work some for Mum's clients, and hopefully, hopefully, go for another hike - off lead? TBD!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend, with pawsome weather to enjoy!

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