Monday, March 31, 2008

Hanging out!

The weather was nice most of the weekend. And my kittie bros, Wolfie and Wiggy, just couldn't resist treading on my territory - the yard.

Wiggy wanted to check out the weaves, so I thought I'd herd him into doing them right. But he just didn't get the hang of them. Maybe we should use those big fiberglass columns to get him started on weaving?

Wolfie kept peaking out the door, but he knows better than to venture out or get chased by some feisty dogs.

Gracie has something firm on her mind that was down at the pond.

I just wanted to play!


  1. YIKES! That's an awfully BIG cat!!!

    watch your back JoJo...they can't be trusted....



  2. Oh my gosh, I thought that was a nice fluffy dog by the weave poles at first! I'm pretty embarrassed.

    Woofs from Kharma

  3. Wiggy and Wolfie looks like cool cats. :)

    ~ Girl girl

  4. Guess the cats want to leave the agility stuff to you, Johann! (Although it would have been nice if they at least tried the weaves!)


Thanks for barking in!

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