Sunday, March 09, 2008

New selling and buying site!

We came across a new shopping/selling site today...once they get going it should be very interesting. It's called SilkFair. The name originates from the trade routes for commerce called 'Silk Routes' established by ancient civilization trade routes from the East to the West.

They are aiming to be the premier e-commerce site for users to buy and sell their goods online. What makes them different? Unlike other sites, there is no fee for selling or setting up a store, you receive a unique url with each store, they integrate Google checkout and Paypal, you can import and export listings, product attributes are customizable and you can showcase your products with video.

There is only a 3% final sales fee when one of your items sells. If your item doesn't sell you have no fee, so it's a win-win situation.

From a buyers perspective the site is very attractive and easy to navigate. When purchasing they have one-step cart checkout, easy order processing, and easy payment processing. When they have more sellers join (and consequently more products available) it promises to be a great site. Those that decide to join early will definitely have an advantage.

Currently there are no pet items, so if you have dog or cat related items to sell, it may well be worth your while to get in the game early with SilkFair.

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