Friday, March 14, 2008

Time change!

I love Spring forward! Yeah, I know many of my pup pals don't like it. But it's Fall back that disrupts our household a lot more. Since we almost always get up at 5:00 AM, in the Fall when the times change, we get Mum up at about 4:00 AM for our backyard business and for breakfast. She just can't handle that very well. And it's about a month before we can adjust our internal time clocks.

Now that the times have changed for Spring, Mum wakes up on her own and we don't even think to start bugging her until about 6:00 AM. She loves that! And besides there is a lot more daylight in the evenings and we can get in little agility practice in the back yard. And Mum can get a lot more work done in the early morning when it's dark - she likes that a lot.

But one thing that has to be fixed. We need some blinds to keep the sun out of our eyes while we're working on the computer. The minute the sun comes up it's right in Mum's eyes when she typing in my blog and working on my website. This weekend we're going search around and find some inexpensive aluminum vertical blinds, or wooden slat blinds. We're going to check out - we heard about them today. We need to get some work done!

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