Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Wallace's trip to Cynosport!

I have always been a huge fan of Wallace the Pit Bull. Not only is he an amazing athlete and the 2007 Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Freestyle Flying Disc National Champion, but he is an incredible ambassador for the breed!

We came across a couple of videos of his trip to the 2007 Cynosport World Games last October - so far the vid diary has Wallace arriving in Phoenix - I believe there's more to come! Enjoy for now...


  1. Very cool. I love pit bulls. All I have met are just beautiful and have so much love.

  2. Hear Hear! The Bully breeds are the best (but I guess I am biased.) Thanks for including this link and announcement on your site.

    And I love your site BTW.

    ~Heather & Rowan

  3. Wallace is the best! I thought it was really cool too to see them navigate the airport and the airport routine...

  4. yeah, wallace is a great pitbull... i've seen some of his fly disc performance from the youtube b4

  5. We love Wallace ... what a handsome boy.


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