Monday, March 03, 2008

What a fabulous weekend!

Wow, we had a great weekend! The weather was pawsome, finally! And we got to get outside, enjoy nature, visit some old friends and generally be dogs. Got to tell ya, I was so glad the weather finally broke from the cold, snowy guck we've been having.

First we went for some long, long walks. Mum worked with Gracie on a long line to help with her recall. The benefits of a long line are that Gracie doesn't really know she's on lead since the line is so light weight, and it's a great opportunity for Mum to work with her.

Mum did some recalls with Gracie, and she did great - but then she took off like she was a free bird. The line wrapped around Mum's ankle and snapped really tight - big ouch for Mum and almost pulled her right into the mud - I thought it was funny and even Mum laughed!!!! Gracie and Mum had lots of fun and got some good work done.

We went walking near the pond and I did some long distance recalls. I'm really good at those! Mum puts me in a sit stay and walks about four houses away, then calls me to her - I run as fast as I can to the kibble, fur sure! And it's great way to reward me for some speed. I've always loved our long distance recalls, we've been doing them since I was about 10 months old. After I did one of my recalls I saw a Blue Heron walking over the thin layer of ice on the pond. Then it flew right overhead. Of course I tried to herd it. This heron was so huge I could ride on it's back - so graceful and effortless.

We did some agility in the backyard - me working on speed in pinwheels and weaves. Gracie working with distractions and nasty weave entrances at full speed. She needs some more work on that, BOL!

Then on Sunday morning the nice folks at the shelter where I came from - Southside Animal Shelter - called Mum and told her that they had a BC mix that was looking for a furever home, not doing well in a shelter environment and did Mum have any ideas. So Mum loaded us up into the car and we went to visit the pup and do a little eval.

The Southside Animal Shelter is a no-kill shelter, which we think is pawsome! They work really hard, for as long as it takes to find the pups and kitties a home.

Ruby was so nice with Mum, she's really submissive, smart and lots of fun and energetic with two leggers, a great, fun, little gal. She's not so fond of other pups though and needs to be with a home as the only dog, and she would probably be best without kids, since she's a herding breed. She will make a great dog for an adult(s) looking for an only 'kid.' Fur sure! If you know anyone looking for a fun, energetic, smart cutie girl; r if you would like to foster her, so that she can get out of the shelter environment and really get to know what life should be like, let us know K? We think you would really like her! Or you can inquire about her at the Southside Animal Shelter website.

While at the shelter, I got to meet all the great folks there - Rosie (who runs the shelter) and Robin (a dedicated volunteer) and others. I got to see some of the ultra cute doggies up for adoption - and kitties too! There were lots of folks looking for 'kids' to add to their family - it was great to see everyone having so much fun.

Then Mum took me over to see where she met me the very first time. See this little shack? That's where I was staying at the shelter when they were taking such good care of me, before my Mum found me. I was with my birth Mum and my brother (and my three sheltie sisters before they were adopted), hanging out in this shack, just waiting for the day I would find my furever home. Luckily, I didn't have to wait for long! Mum found and adopted me just weeks after I arrived at the shelter.

On Saturday night. we got some marrow bones for being such good doggies! I like to take mine kind of slow, but Gracie goes at those goodies at full throttle. Her marrow was gone in minutes, mine took me a couple of hours, but I am smaller, BOL!

Mum gives them to us in our crates, 'cause they are really messy. Then, of course, when we are done both Gracie and I have to rub our mouth all over the carpet, which Mum just loves!!!! Awwwww, she really doesn't care.

We were beat after a fun two day weekend. Mum sure isn't going to need those top diet pills after all the exercise she got this weekend.

I was so tired Sunday night I cozied up to Mum's winter coat that she threw on the floor - didn't need that this weekend, yeah!

We also got in a little training of tricks this weekend. Video to come! Gracie learned a new one - can you say bye, bye Gracie? Yes, she can now! Stay tuned...


  1. ms owner used b4 a long rope to train on my recall....and when i run, the rope snap and burn her palm... i bet she felt like cursing me...

    how's the feeling when u visit ur shelter? it had been a long time since i met the lady who rescued me.... i bet i can't even recognize her...

  2. This sounds like such a fun time. Mom likes to practice our recalls when we are at our favourite dogpark. I am very good.. but Coco is a dilly dallier.. he is always stopping to smell the whatever. We hope little Ruby finds a forever home real soon.


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