Monday, April 07, 2008

Digital SLR's and vid cameras for agility!

Lately I've been talking with a lot of my agility buds about what is the best digital SLR and the best camcorder or video camera for agility - to record those wonderful, amazing, horrific, embarrassing, and spectacular moments.

I've received a few opinions! So I've been working on a Squidoo lens on the topic, in the hopes it can eventually provide a nice resource for agility enthusiasts (and flyball, disc dog, and all kinds of dog activities).

But I need your help. I've added in the cameras and accessories that I'd sure like to have (I do have one of them). And would love to hear your opinion on what camera you use or would love to have, what lenses, what filters, what bags, etc., so I can add them to the lens.

If you have any ideas, leave your comments and let me know what you'd like to see!


  1. We like our little Canon Powershot Digital Elph. It's an older model, but it takes good photos and videos with sound, fits in a pocket so you can take it anywhere, and has a protected lens so riding in a pocket doesn't hurt it.

  2. Thanks Charlie! That sounds like a good one.

    Mum got a Canon Olympus Camedia when she got me,and it takes pics and vids too; I'll add them both!

  3. In response to your question posted on twitter... We don't do agility but my husband Kelly gets a lot of good action shots and video of all sorts with his Canon Powershot S5IS, which replaced an s31s. For an example of a video he shot with it, see
    which is about the town in Mexico where we are living. Kelly was a videographer in the pre-digital era and he is really happy with this quality.

    As for me, I haven't bought one but have been drooling over the tiny Flip video camcorder... see its reviews on Amazon, especially a long thoughtful one at or near the top. (Drool, slurp... good thing I am not one of those really drooling breeds!)

    Rosana Hart
    ( but logged in via another of my multiple selves)

  4. I was recently given a Casico Digital exilim ex-s880. I love it. Much better than my other digital camera. It very slim and takes great video and pictures. I love that I cant edit the video while watching it on the camera screen before down loading it. The video is not jagged like my old camera. Diana

  5. Johann and Leslie, GREAT idea for a Squidoo lens. I am in the market for a Camcorder right now and I am way over my head, it's just so hard for me to make up my mind about what to buy.

  6. Rosana and Diane - thanks to both of you! I'll add them to the lens.

    Hey Justyna! Great to hear from you! Hopefully you'll get some great ideas for a camcorder!

  7. We love our new Canon DR52E. It's been great ringside. BUT the mpeg2 files aren't compatible with Windows Movie Maker, and that's partly why we haven't shared any vids of recent agility exploits - we're still deciding what video editing software to use. (But also we haven't done very well in recent trials - videos mostly show handler errors and a loopy lurcher!) So there's another theme for your lens - preferred video editing software ...

  8. Did I write Canon? I meant SONY! Sorry!

  9. Hey Gus! No problem, but I'm having a lot of trouble finding out any information about that Sony - do you have any more specific info?

    And, you may want to do a search for a free download to convert your MPEG2 files into another file that Windows Movie Maker will accept - we had to do that for a while until we found Adobe Premiere Elements. It's a great software program to edit video, it accepts nearly any type of file without converting and it uploads to YouTube with a few clicks! It's pawsome!

  10. Dearie me, I'm having a bad night. At first I wondered if it was a EUropean model, then I realised that I'd transcribed the model number wrong. It's a Sony DCR-SR52. Sorry twice over!

    Adobe Premiere Elements is the software I've got on trial - very nice. I may have to cough up for it, particularly now I have a recommendation.

  11. Gus - you are silly! Having one of the days we had the other day, BOL! Thanks for the info - we're off to add it to the lens, which is coming along very nicely, thanks to everyone input!

  12. Hmmmm....guess the SR52 has been replaced by another SR, and isn't available anymore, except for used. But I do have the Sony SR45 on there (it's the one we got a couple of months ago and love).

  13. Hey Johann,

    We have a JVC Everio (GZ-MG155U) and absolutely LOVE IT! The zoom, picture quality, ease of use, and ability to pick up sound are totally amazing.

    It came with its own video editing and viewing software, but I like Windows Movie Maker and Media Player better, so I prefer to edit with those.

    The only trick is the files are saved in a format not readable by either, so they have to be converted before they can be edited. It takes a little extra time, but I'm happy with the quality and everything else about it, so I don't really mind having to convert it before editing (would not be an issue if I didn't have a different editor/player preference).

  14. Thanks Jenn! I added in the Everio GZ-MG330, which I think is the updated version of your model.

    What software program (and possibly the link) do you use to convert your files for use in Windows Movie Maker?

    We've used A-one Software (, but I know there are others out there.

    Thanks, Johann


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