Friday, April 11, 2008

DVR Alert: Groomer Has It premieres on Animal Planet Saturday night!

Mum sure wouldn't ever make the cut, you should see Gracie's ears and feet that Mum has trimmed up, yikes!

But maybe she'll pick up some grooming tips when Groomer Has It, Animal Planet's new reality show for groomers premiere's this Saturday night, 9pm ET/PT.

Groomer Has It is a new reality competition series, hosted by Emmy Award winner Jai Rodriguez, that sniffs out 12 of America's most creative and hard-working groomers - amateur and professional - brings them to Los Angeles and puts their drive to the test against each other for the supreme grooming title as they transform some of the scruffiest-looking dogs to look their doggie best!

We got an email yesterday from Animal Planet, giving us prime access to photos, vids, and bios of their upcoming reality show! In the first episode, contestants will take on their first challenge - identifying specific dog breeds while blindfolded, and they meet their first client - a yarn dog; which the participants must groom to show their creative stuff before working on the real deal.

We are looking forward to the second episode -can you say sheep!!!! The episode airs April 19th, when the groomers get their shearing skills tested working on sheep, and then grooming the Bearded Collie who herded them!

So set your DVR's, there's a lot of reality, dogs, and grooming going on! Here's a preview:


  1. I'm sooooo excited to see this new show...well done Animal Planet!!!

    Thank you for the sneak peak!


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