Thursday, April 03, 2008

It's almost blooming time!

When my Mum moved in to our house back in 2000, there was absolutely no landscaping.

Over the years Mum has attempted her version of backyard landscaping and I think she's made some really good choices! There is almost always something blooming in our yard throughout the growing months.

Mum favorite plant is just about to bloom - Forsythia. We have two of them on the south side of the corners of the house. They are just amazing shrubs with amazing yellow color. The first shrub to bloom for the year.

Mum's favorite thing is go out and cut them just before the buds pop open, and put them in a humongous vase to display in our office. Then she has about two weeks to enjoy them. It's about time to go out there and trim them. Maybe this weekend. We'll be sure and get a nice pic to show you!

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