Thursday, April 03, 2008

Practice today and other musings!

Gracie and I got to go to practice today. Yeah! Dog, did we have fun. We had a private which was pawsome, because we got to work on some great stuff. For me, we worked on tighter turns, my dog walk (I've been bailing recently), weave speed and a few, somewhat complicated, jumping maneuvers. Mum was pretty pleased with how I performed.

Gracie did really, really well. Her focus was a little off today, but she did great. Her weaves are really speedy - she's wanting to do them so fast she's been missing some poles lately. We're not worried, she'll get them - we just want to keep her speed and enjoyed up. She worked on her dog walk too (she's been bailing, also), and she worked on her teeter and focus. We came away with some homework - which we absolutely love.

Got the big 'comeback' (again) trial this weekend. An AKC trial in Columbus, Ohio. Running on dirt in a horse barn - which I absolutely love. Mum's a little nervous, I'm ready!

We're gonna meet up with a fellow dog blogger who is training in agility. They are coming to watch the trial. We can't wait to meet them! It's great to meet, in person, some of the people we meet through blogging.

Mum has made a hotel (or should I say motel) reservation. But she's not wanting to stay in a hotel now, though. She absolutely hates staying in hotels. Must be all that travel she did for work - 20 weeks out of 52 of constant travel for three years straight.

Plus, we may be done by about 2-3 PM, so we would have time to go home, rest up, do some stuff, and head back the next day. It's a three hour drive. But by the time we're done at the trial and head to the hotel, all we'll be doing is lying around. How boring is that? So we have yet to finally decide if we're staying over or driving back and forth.

Most people think we are crazy for driving back and forth such a far distance. But we love our routines, we love our beds, and we love being home with the kitties. Guess we'll see.

Mum loves this pic of Gracie she took the other day - she has such a cute little mouth! Mum says, 'very kissable.' Eeewwww!

I've been keeping up with my workout routines, and doing really well. It never ceases to amaze Mum that the more exercise Gracie and I get the more we want. We did some agility in the backyard last night, working on weaves, serpentines and a bit on threadles. Wore Mum out. So when she was resting from her grueling workout, I spent about 40 minutes herding birds in the back yard. She's started saying go, go, go, when I am running full out for those birds, hoping that maybe some of that supersonic speed will translate to the agility course. Guess time will tell.

Mum's back has been bothering her since we've all been doing a lot more exercise lately. She had to go to the Chiro on Tuesday to get fixed up. For three years she has been taking me to the Chiro, but never took the time to get her self adjusted. The doc said she was really 'messed up', and incredibly tense. He also said that one of her ribs was 'out'. Ouch! Guess that's why she's been huffing and puffing much more after our runs. She is feeling much better, but will have to go back again next week for a follow up.

During my iliopsoas pull ouch, I hadn't been able to naturally 'express' myself when I would poo. If you get my drift. So Mum had to take me and get me 'expressed' this week. Now that was an experience I don't think I want to take on again! But now that I'm doing really well, all should go back to normal 'expression.'

Mum spent some time today reviewing attractive discount blind choices. Now that the sun is moving around she's getting blinded by the intense sun coming through the window and can't work on the computer part of the late afternoon. If she can't do the 'puter, she can't work for me!

I've been getting some mail recently - a few products we'll be reviewing and blogging about in the coming days. I can't wait to try out some of these items. Should be fun! And we had a great phone call today - an interview with a writer from Dog Fancy Magazine. Woot!!!! The article will most probably appear in the August issue, so we'll be watching for it. it should be a pawsome article about how to keep your pup safe in his/her environment. Hope we make it in!

We've been really busy the past couple of weeks and feel pawsomely guilty for not visiting our friends blogs more. But we hope that next week will be a little lighter and we can leave some pee mails on our friends blogs :) We miss visiting everyone!


  1. I enjoy the rare occasion of staying in a motel for an agility or flyball weekend because it means getting to watch some cable tv. I only have rabbit ears at home (easy Johann, easy... not real rabbit's ears) so the boob tube opportunities are usually pretty limited. :-)

    Good luck at your trial this weekend!

    P.S. Johann, don't forget to run the smell check before sending your pee mails!

  2. i dun fancy spending money on hotel too, unless necessary...

    i can't wait to go home...


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