Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spring cleaning!

No trial next weekend, so what are we gonna do? We are going to Spring clean, do yard work and have a garage sale. Sounds like a lot of work - yep it is, but we gotta get this stuff done - many trials coming up and no time to get house stuff done.

One of the big things we have to do is dust under and behind all the heavy things, and clean all the blinds in our house. They are dusty! Did I tell you how much Mum loves her blinds? She got them when she first moved into the house. They aren't Hunter Douglas, or Bali Blinds, but they are really nice faux wood blinds, in a slightly off white. They have held up very, very well over the seven years Mum has lived here.

They look great and are still going strong despite the kitties trying to climb them, and even Gracie trying to chew on them. Mum thinks it was a great choice and will definitely get them again if we do decide to move. Blindsaver.com has just the kind of blinds that Mum got.

But I can't wait till the yard work part. I love it when Mum trims the shrubs, works outside so I can hang with her and help her. I love it when she digs in the dirt. And Gracie loves it too. Sometimes she even helps Mum trim the shrubs - yep, you guessed it, she grabs on a limb with her trap like jaws and tugs until that limb is dismembered from the shrub. She loves that!

And we're kind of looking forward to the garage sale. We'll get to meet up with some nice new people, maybe they'll even give us some treats! And the best part is that we can make a little extra money for agility, woo hooo!

Busy weekend ahead, but should be kind of a fun one. Hope the weather holds out for us!

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