Friday, April 25, 2008

What's up?

It's been a really busy week for us at the May Ranch! It's been so busy, we haven't even gotten in any agility practice or hiking this week - even though the weather has been amazing!

But that's OK, we just finished up a big USDAA trial last weekend and have another one this weekend. They are extremely long and tiring days - but fun, nonetheless.

It's actually Mum that's been busy, I'm getting a little bored myself.

Mum's been working with someone to get a new website template create for We're super psyched. It was inexpensive, we liked her work, Mum didn't have the time to fuss with alternatives, and we'll get just exactly what we want for a look and structure of the site. Once the template is done, Mum is going to use Dreamweaver to finish it up and keep it updated. Hopefully it will be done in a month or two.

We ordered our MAD (Masters Agility Dog) agility title pin the other day and it should arrive in the post box, hopefully today! Then we can add it to our title pin shadow box - we always love that ritual! Now that we're in the higher levels of AKC and USDAA, we don't get many ops to add title pins, so it's pretty doggone special. I get so high when I add my pins, that it's almost like I need drug rehab!

Mum has been working with a new client - a dog toy company that's just starting out, and things are progressing very well. We hope we can share some info about the toy in a couple of months. Big, secret, planning stuff going on right now, shhhhh! But I am super excited to get my hands on one of them to test it out.

Also this week, Mum had an interview with a writer from Pet Age Magazine - it's a trade magazine for pet retailers. They are doing an article on marketing for the August issue, and asked for Mum's opinions and quotes. She can't wait to read it. Also in August an article is expected in Dog Fancy Magazine on helping your pups have a healthier environment utilizing 'green' actions and products. Mum and I were both interviewed for that article, because of our 'green dog' beliefs and blog. That should be really fun and educational.

This week, we got our DAM Team all finalized for the Regionals that will be here in July. There are usually only one or two ops for DAM Team around here the entire year. So we super excited to participate. We'd rather not do it at regionals for our first time, but you gotta take what's there for ya! One of our team mates is a former National Champ in USDAA. We met them at the Indianapolis Humane Society Mutt Strutt a few months before we even started training in gility. And the other team mate is one of the first pups we ever met at an agility trial, even before we were competing. They've both been our good friends from the very start and it will be fun to run with them. Mum and I have been boning up on the rules, 'cause we've never done Team. Looks pretty straight forward, and the three-dog relay sounds super fun!

Mum's been a little concerned because I lost weight (a couple of lbs.) during my muscle pull over the Winter. Two lbs. on a 18 lbs body is a lot. She's been adding a little extra high protein food, 'cause I got down really more than I should. Some of our friends said that I was too skinny at the trial. But Mum thinks what I lost most was some muscle mass that will take some time to build back up.

We're pretty psyched about the trial this weekend. More ops to go after Grand Prix and Steeplechase Q's, more ops for Snooker SQ, and lots of running fun - I think I have 7 runs on Saturday and 5 on Sunday. Wish us luck!

Hope everypup and you're 2-leggers have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Johann!

    Sorry you're bored while your mum has to work - sounds like she's doing some exciting stuff! Good luck with your trial this weekend! And yes, maybe we can see each other in Dayton in June! That would be so cool!


  2. Good luck this weekend! I think I'll understand my about USDAA after this weekend, myself. What is a DAM team... lol.

  3. Thanks Diana, Ricky and Cyn! We're pretty excited.

    A DAM Team - stands for Dog Agility Masters Team, I think, BOL!

  4. Johann, I sure hope that new pet toy copany is going to invent toys that challenge a dog's intelligence. It's so hare to find toys that aren't just about running and chasing, or about chewing.

  5. hi johann,

    sounds like u're really excited about the arrival of ur MAD pin...

    can't wait 4 u 2 show us...

  6. Holy cow you've been really busy and deserve a little rest!

    Make sure to get that weight back on and build up those muscles....I like a girl with muscles!



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