Saturday, May 03, 2008

Advice for my dog agility lens?

Hi all you agility nuts, and agility nut wannabees! I wonder if I could ask for some help?

I'm about to update and potentially revamp my Dog Agility lens on, and wanted to get some opinions from those interested in agility, new to agility, just getting started in agility or are experienced in agility.

  • What information/links would you like to see on the lens?
  • Is there other information that would be helpful to you that you would like to see added?
  • What could I add to make it more interesting, fun, entertaining, and helpful?
  • Do you have any other ideas that you would like to see/add?
I'd really like the lens to be a helpful resource to all levels of agility enthusiasts. Your opinions are invaluable to me, so fire away, K? And thanks in advance!


  1. Wow I think that is one very impressive page on agility. Good work.

    Sadie and I are quite excited as we are starting Rally Obedience next month. I tried to get her into agility but my work schedule is our biggest obstacle.

  2. Johann, I can't really suggest anything to add to the Lens, because there is so much already that I could spend hours looking.
    I loved the clip of the fish doing tricks. I've kept fish and I can see how they could be trained to do some things, but the 'weaving' was hilarious! I think someone is very good at 'trick photography'.

    The one that I absolutely loved was the sheep doing agility. What I found interesting was the tail. I thought at one stage it was actually wagging its tail, but I don't know whether sheep do that when they're happy, or whether it was just a balance thing.


Thanks for barking in!

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