Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Cleaning is a pain in the doggie butt!

Mum and I hate cleaning, she hates taking valuable time away from doing other fun things like agility, working on my website and Squidoo lenses and blogs, teaching me and Gracie tricks, and great stuff like that. I hate it because of the Dyson.

Here's our dream - to have someone come in and clean our house while we are out hiking in the great outdoors! Doesn't that sound like a wonderful dream?

We could have MaidPro come in and do all the House Cleaning. I bet they would even take care of some of the things that Mum can't do, like clean the ledges, light fixture and big window in our two story entry (she's too scared to get on a ladder that high).

Oh wow, this is getting more and more appealing every single minute!

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