Monday, May 26, 2008

A Dog Among Diplomats!

More Summer reading ideas for dog lovers...

A Dog among Diplomats
by J. F. Englert

He reads Proust. Surfs the net. Is the soul of diplomacy.
And when it comes to solving crime,
Randolph is the dog for the job.

Poetry-loving, bon vivant dog detective Randolf returns (after A Dog About Town) for another installment of the Bull Moose Dog Run mysteries.

Imogen-mistress of Randolf, heiress of a mining fortune and partner to artist Harry, has disappeared, upsetting Randolf and Harry alike. Detective Peter Davis informs Harry that Imogen has been implicated in the murder of a foreign diplomat, whose body is discovered at one of Manhattan's last boarding houses in red heart-laden boxer shorts, with an open parachute on his back and pictures of a scantily clad Imogen by his side.

To find out more, Labrador Randolf goes undercover at the U.N. as therapy dog to a diplomat with the blues and keeps Harry in the loop by various ingenious methods. Englert's droll mix of mystery, philosophical musing about man and beast, political doings at the U.N. and the mysteries of love make this an elegant, funny and inspiring romp in the park.

We were fortunate enough to have Randolph send us his first book, 'A Dog About Town', and we really liked it. But we have to say that Randolph has outdone himself with this new book 'A Dog Among Diplomats.' It's even funnier and smarter than the first book, and is a real page turner. Way to go Randolph!

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  1. Hey, these really are such fun books!
    There was actually just an author chat with Englert on LibraryThing that ended May 20 (but you can still read the Q&As at

    Randolph also blogs at - and he's even on facebook -


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