Thursday, May 29, 2008

Leaving in the morning for more agility fun!

We'll be leaving in the morning for a three day AKC trial near Dayton, Ohio! We're driving back and forth to actually save money. They will be long, fun days.

Our goals? Keep it fast, bolt the start, weave speedy! Q's? That would be super nice, but not the most important thing right now...

Gracie's going with us for moral support, she is the best cheerleader!

We'll report back as soon as we can. Hope you all have a terrific weekend.


  1. w00f's Johann, good luck on the knows u can win it all....

    b safe,

  2. Good luck Johann! Safe travels..


    PS. I will answer the questions in the "tag" game, but I'm not going to tag anybody - I just don't feel like know others well enough to do it - sorry!

  3. good luck hope you do well
    dad has put some photos of me at
    agility on my blog



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