Tuesday, May 20, 2008

USA BCs, Shelties and a Pyr will take on the World at the 2008 Agility World Championships in September!

From the AKC, comes this final announcement of the 2008 World Agility Championships

Team Selection:

AKC is proud to announce the 2008 AKC/USA World Agility Championship team members.

Large (26” height)
  • Marcus Topps – MACH Peak’s Juice – Border Collie (Texas)
  • Linda Mecklenburg – Rival’s Super Power, MX, MXJ, NF – Border Collie (Ohio)
  • Ann Braue – MACH Bluefire Casusin’ Commotion – Border Collie (Wisconsin)
  • Carrie Jones – NAC MACH2 Sagehill’s Time Steppin’ Jive – Border Collie (Virginia)
  • Geri Hernandez – NAC MACH Hob Nob Sharper Image – Border Collie (California)
Medium (18” height)
  • Ashley Deacon – MACH Luka De La Brise – Pyrenean Shepherd (California)
  • Paulette Swartzendruber – MACH Bare Cove Blu Lite Special – Shetland Sheepdog (Massachusetts)
  • Karen Holik – MACH3 Triune’s Feelin Hot Hot Hot – Shetland Sheepdog (Florida)
  • Joel Lavalley – MACH5 Taylormade Marvel – Shetland Sheepdog (Tennessee)
Small (14” height)
  • Marcy Mantell – MACH Plail’s Few and Far Between, CDX PT MXF – Shetland Sheepdog (California)
  • Joan Meyer – MACH5 Triune’s Hello Again MXF – Shetland Sheepdog (Kansas)
  • Melanie Del Villaggio – MACH2 Crystalove Dare to Tri Chaos – Shetland Sheepdog (Tennessee)
  • Dee Anna Gamel – NAC MACH4 Hilltop Kelsi Lee Kinsella – Shetland Sheepdog (Georgia)
The 2008 Agility World Championships will be held in Helsinki, Finland, Sept. 26-28, 2008. Mark your calendars!

Big congrats to the final team members and good luck in Helsinki!


  1. Hey Johann, my compadre Border Collie--

    Check my message under your last column on ticks. You were reading our minds and Ms. Alpha is worried. We are going to Martha's Vineyard this summer for 2 months, long enough to get bitten and very sick. They have SIX TIMES the concentration of deer ticks up there! Whoa...nothing to fool around with. Mom isn't too keen on dangerous vaccines, but after much calling around to vets and reading, it was decided the alternative is WORSE. Yikes...I'm getting my first shot on Friday!

  2. looks like the agility world don't hv much breed choice, don't they?

  3. I understand that the Helsinki comp only allows pedigrees - presumably that rules out the crossbreed agility dogs that would have otherwise be on the national teams. But that's just what I heard. :-) In the UK we crossbreeds can be on the Kennel Club activity register and compete as equals - even if the border collies do out-number us!

  4. I believe you are right Gussie about the FCI Worlds in September are pedigrees only - this is the event our American Kennel Club sends a team - they only allow pedigrees as well. (Although, I'm not sure if they allow those with an AKC PAL/ILP listing (like me) to participate in the Worlds or not, like we can at local and national events in the US. I've heard it's not...

    The IFCS World Championships which were just held allow mixed breeds, I believe. Our USDAA organization (which allows mixed breeds) sends a team to that event.

    So Pacco, there you go, if your country is a member of the IFCS, Me thinks you've got a shot buddy!


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