Thursday, May 08, 2008

Uses for a wine rack!

Mum has a couple of wine racks left over from her yuppie days. Yes, I said yuppie, remember that word? But she really doesn't like wine and was thinking the other day what she could use her handy, dandy wine rack for? So she started coming up with a mental list, that turned out to be pretty fun and we wanted to share it.

1. Use it as a towel rack - roll up the towels and keep it handy near the back door so she can grab a towel and clean us off before we get the entire house muddy!
2. Use it as a leash rack - all those curly wrought irons are great for hanging things, and the little cubbies are great for our new harnesses.
3. Fill other bottles with treats and create a great treat dispensing station.
4. Roll up your Clean Run and other dog magazines, have have a great little magazine rack.
5. Mum loves to grow herbs, she could use it as a place to hang her herbs to dry.
6. Turn a wine rack on it's side, add in a few little pots and you've got a little planter.

Oh, she could go on and on I'm sure. But you get the idea. Ok, now we are done with our fun!

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