Thursday, May 08, 2008

Yucky day!

Well, it's been raining here all day today, last night too. You can see how much I enjoy the rain. Actually I do, it's the clean up that isn't so much fun - and that's just about what Mum's going to do to me after she took the pic.

So we didn't get to go to agility training because of the rain, although I think there may be a secret plot going on to take Gracie to practice in the morning without me, WTD!!!!

Big AKC trial this weekend. Should be there, done and back in about four or so hours. It's close by, and they are running Exec B early and back to back. We love those, gives us more time at home after the trial to get stuff done.

The weather for the trial looks pretty good, 68 and sunny on Saturday, chance of rain on Sunday. But we don't mind running in a little rain.

Haven't done anything fun this week - no hiking trip, no agility, not even any real training of any kind. I did get in some treadmill time and a lot of zooming with the Grace-ster. That's always fun. But, Mum's been too busy working. She's gonna have to stop that if she doesn't want a revolution on her hands.

Gracie and I got a little fed up yesterday and got into a tiff. Sometimes we have a little tiff, but this was a big one - over Mum's sock no less. We're both OK, Mum broke us up, she started breathing again, and Gracie and I licked lips and made up.

Mum been running me and watching her food intake and has lost about 7 lbs since we started running agility again. The first two weeks were tough, because she didn't loose anything. Then all of a sudden it started falling off and it's continuing. A few more lbs and she'll be pretty close to where she was last fall. Guess she won't need that Phentermine after all. LOL!

We received a lot of mail this week again. A really nice surprise package from, that we'll be posting about later. And both Gracie and I got new harnesses that we can't wait to show you. They are for our long hiking trips.

Hope you all are having a great week, and not as much rain as we're having!

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  1. i don't fancy playing under rain, but if there's sumthing interesting across the field, then i wouldn't mind.

    happy dieting to your mum... and all the best for your trial this weekend...

    send my hugs to grace-ster.


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