Friday, June 27, 2008

101 Best Businesses for Pet Lovers!

Mum and I are really lucky. We get to spend all the time together, work together building our pet businesses and marketing business, meet new pet lovers, and spend all our time doing what we love.

Want to turn your passion of working with pets into a career? Check out 101 Best Businesses for Pet Lovers, a new book that helps you know what you need about starting and succeeding in a pet business of your own.

The book outlines careers such as pet photographer, pet party host, dog groomer, greeting card maker, masseuse, doggie daycare owner, pet sitter, pet product inventory and manufacturer and many more. And shares info on how to get started, what you need to begin your new career, how to market, start up costs and much more.

We enjoyed perusing the book, got a few great tips for our clients, and even dreamed of starting yet another pet business of our own!

101 Best Businesses for Pet Lovers

101 Best Businesses for Pet Lovers

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  1. My mom had a kindergartner who wasn't very interested in phonics and sight words (whatever they are), but she loved dogs and horses and loved to draw. My mom thinks she's gonna be a great pet artist someday. Either that or a children's book illustrator--and there will be a dog on every page! Woofs, Kharma


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