Friday, June 20, 2008

Agiltiy brain buster!

Here's an agility brain buster we found on a forum this morning...give it a try!

The four people in this puzzle all competed in different classes of dog agility at a recent competition. The competitions all required the dogs to run over jumps, through tunnels and various other obstacles in the quickest time possible. Each had a different result - one came first, one third, one fourth and one ninth. All four dogs were each of a different breed.

1. If Tiff finished first then Terry finished fourth.
2. If Terry finished fourth then Jago is a collie otherwise Jago is not a collie.
3. If Jane competed in the Senior class then she finished third.
4. If Jane competed in Novice then she finished fourth.
5. The dog that finished ninth was an Alsatian. This was either Jago, in which case Jago competed in the Elementary class, or this was Kelly, in which case Terry handled Kelly.
6. Mark won Starters.
7. If Mark's dog is called Patti then Patti is a Labrador otherwise Patti is a collie.
8. Ruth's dog is called Jago.
9. If Jago finished fourth then she competed in the Novice class otherwise she competed in the Senior class.
10. If Patti finished first then Terry's dog is an Alsatian otherwise Terry's dog is a collie.
11. If Jane's dog is a Doberman then Jane finished fourth otherwise Jane finished third.

Can you work out who handled which dog, at what level each competed, the place each finished in and the breed of each dog? Maybe you need corporate performance management software to help, or here is some help to keep up with all the categories:

Handler's Names: Jane, Mark, Ruth and Terry
Dog's Names: Tiff, Patti, Jago and Kelly
Breed: Alsatian, Collie, Labrador and Doberman
Level: Starters, Elementary, Novice or Senior

If you want to check your here!

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  1. Thanks Johann! Mom hasn't worked one of these in a long time - she really enjoyed it :) - Merlin


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