Friday, June 13, 2008

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Want to have some fun with photos? Check out this quick and easy photo editor, and get your warp on!

Have you ever wondered what pups are in the Guinness Book of World Records? Check this out and see a few for free, including the pup that has the World record for holding the most tennis balls in his mouth!

Did you know that the Great American Backyard Campout is coming June 28th? That's when kids (and pups) of all ages take to the backyard for a night of fun, camping and hopefully s'mores!

If you live in Australia, you most certainly know the dangers of the Cane toad, a toxic green jumper that, if consumed, can kill a dog in as little as 20 minutes. Check out The Mutts blog and read about one pups encounter with the little green guy and how he survived!

Chase has one of the greatest jobs, and one many dogs would covet! He's the designated bat-retriever for the Trenton Thunder minor league baseball team.

Summer Camp goes to the dogs! Oh, I would love to do this; go to Summer Camp with my Mum and have a week's worth of fun. If you're in the Wisconsin area, check out Dog Days of Wisconsin, in New Jersey visit Camp Barking Hills, and here are lots more camps to check out!

I know it's Summer, but it's a great time to get a deal on some Winter gear. Here's a site that has not only some great equestrian clothing, but also a great horse blanket for dogs at an amazing price.

It's time to get rid of that Winter coat - we recommend the Furminator to help your pup beat some of that Summer heat! CLICK here to see all three sizes.

What's one way Gracie and I keep cool in the heat? We have a kiddie pool. That's right and we got it at one of those 'not to be named' super stores, since they are about the only ones who have them around here. But we love our kiddie pool. Get one for yourself or your pups and beat the heat! Just make sure to get the hard plastic kind, K?

The SPCA for Monterey County is opening a Pet Food Bank for pet owners who are faced with giving up their pets because they can no longer afford to feed them. This new program reduces the risk of families being forced to give up their beloved pets because they can’t afford to feed them. Read more...

Those of you who know me, know I'm not a fan of dog parks - you just never know about the dogs in the park, or what can happen at any given moment. And things can turn seriously dangerous at the blink of an eye. Here's one more reason why dog parks aren't a good idea.


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