Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Higher education!

I remember when I first started agility training. I was about a year old, just a kid really. And Mum thought I needed a job, very badly! She was right...all dogs need jobs.

We went through three different trainers before we found the one that was right for us. (They are all great and we love them, and thank them often for taking us in). And it wasn't all that easy getting into the second and third trainer. It wasn't just call them up and join a class. Our second trainer wanted to interview me and Mum in a private meeting before letting us join a class. Our third and present trainer, who we think is great, by the way, gave us a little quiz on our first day and took us on a recommendation of another trainer.

So getting into school is not an easy task even for a dog. Humans have to go through the same thing when they are looking for their higher education, don't they? They have to write admission essays to the colleges they would like to attend, and I expect that that is no easy task. I'm not a bad writer, but I can't imagine having to write an essay about my life, what I want to accomplish and achieve, and why I want to attend a specific college.

That's got to be tough!

I'm about to turn the big four, that's 32 in human years, and I'm not going to be a Spring chicken anymore. Mum has been thinking that I need to expand my higher education - you know, maybe take some herding lessons, obedience classes, maybe even some tracking lessons since I seem to be so good at finding my kittie bro.

So, what do you think of higher education? Is it worth it?


  1. Dude, I love learning new things.s We would say more but this comment box is goofed up and mom can only see the first 5 words in each line, so maybe we will blog what we are doing lately and hope you can read my mom's bad and invisible to us typing

  2. Johann, with your brains and ability, you could do anything you set your mind to.

    I haven't heard of any lessons for rabbits, so guess I'll just keep doing what I'm doing around the house (napping, chewing, and grunting!)


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