Friday, June 13, 2008

Trip to the vet yesterday for both Gracie and me!

Gracie and I went to the vet yesterday. Mum wanted us both to get Chiro adjustments and Gracie hasn't been feeling too well lately. She had the Big D and hasn't been as active as usual.

She had a rough couple of nights, getting up every two hours to have to do the Big D. And she was panting a lot as well, poor pup.

So off to the Vet we went. Auntie B (who is our Vet) said that I really needed an adjustment. My shoulder and my hip were both out. When she adjusted my shoulder there was a big pop! That's the pop Mum hears sometimes when I do the downward facing dog stretch.

Gracie's back was a little sore so she got an adjustment too. We think that that is why she's been doing funky weaves lately. Gracie had some tests done, blood, urine and stool. And they found that her white cell count was low, low, low...indicative of a virus. So she is taking it easy today and her diet is of the bland variety for the next 2-4 days - a little chicken, rice, yogurt, organic baby food and the like. Today she seems even more lethargic, so we are giving her lots of lovin'.

And I'm supposed to take it easy too after my big chiro adjustment. We're not minding taking it a little easy these few days, 'cause it's been in the 90's some and just too hot to get the zoomies until about 10:00 PM.

Sometimes I wonder if stress gets to Gracie. She's had a quite a few stress related illnesses since she's come to live with us. Maybe she should try out The Stresseraser. Something new we read about the other day. The Stresseraser helps you reduce stress by monitoring your deep breathing. All natural and they say, very effective. And I think Mum could use some of this Stress Eraser stuff now and again. Sure couldn't hurt?

We're all for reduced stress, and I'm sure it would keep us happier and healthier. How about you?


  1. I hope you and Gracie are feeling better today. You better take it easy for a few days (if that's possible!).

  2. there's no chiro vet here....

    too bad... i didn't had any adjustment since i was born...


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