Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Weather update , gardening, and sunglasses!

Storms have been moving across Indiana, nearly every other day or so the past week and a half. Just last night I think we got over 5 inches of rain...our kiddie pool is almost full of water and it was dry when the storm started.

It's been so bad for some people, check out this flooding near Seymour, Indiana. That's where Gracie came from the hoarder, and eventually the vet that took her in until we found her. We're pretty sure their office is under water. We hope all the animals are safe down there.

We've see some footage on the news of folks wading through waist high water, carrying their pups and kitties to safety. We've been trying to find out how the shelters in the area are coping, but haven't found a lot. Although we know of one shelter in Martinsville that had to evacuate their shelter. I'm sure that rescue and shelter organizations in the area are in need of supplies and help. If you live around these areas, please consider taking the shelters some food, towels and other supplies that you can spare.

Some are calling this the 100 year flood. Although about three years ago, we had flooding in our city, and they called that the 100 year flood. Wonder how many 100 year flood you can have? That year, even our house was near the flooding. Although we were all lucky that the retention ponds, as full as they were, didn't spill into our homes - but they came close!

We've been lucky and stayed out of danger, and all this rain has made our garden grow like wildfire. Check out some of the plants in our yard right now...

This is a bouquet of our Peonies, they are gone now, but made an amazing centerpiece in our family room for a week or so.

These are three hydrangea plants that have just taken over and are about ready to bloom.

Here's the white sage that I like to destroy when my neighbor comes to the fence to say hi, so far so good!

This is an Anthony Waterer Spirea, and we have about five around the house. Mum just loves the pink color and they bloom on and off all Summer. They were being taken over by Aphids, but Mum sprayed a garlic mixture on them and their gone now. Now the Ladybugs can manage the rest of them.

This is our Lavender. It started out as two plants a couple of years ago, but has grow into one. Loads of blooms this year. It's already smells amazing! Maybe Mum can make a Lavender wand again this year!

Today the sun is going to shine they say, but it's still going to be hot. The tropical front that's been hovering over us for the past week or so is finally expected to move out today and tomorrow. Now that the sun is coming out, Mum's going to have to consider some designer sunglasses! Maybe she'll get some nine west sunglasses, or a pair of kate spade sunglasses. Or maybe she'll check out some other brands of sunglasses. Mum needs them, 'cause she's been squinting a lot at agility trials lately. She can't wear them while we run, but she could between our runs! Gotta save that sight, right?

Hope all of you that are getting storms too are making it through safe and sound. We read and heard that a tornado touched down near Dana Pike's home up in Illinois. Thank dog they are all safe and sound. How scary!!!!!

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