Saturday, August 02, 2008

Fur everywhere!

Saturday is usually grooming day around our crib. Mum combs me out, cleans up my ears, my teeth, trims the fur between my toes, trims my nails. No baths though, we don't get those very often. Gracie gets a little added treatment to the usual. Mum has to trim the fur on top of her ears because it gets so long, gets matted, and makes her look sad! And we want Gracie to look happy, right?

So Mum went at it this morning. Trimming away at the Gracester. At least Mum waited until after we both got our zoomies on this morning, so she was a little calmer. She looks so cute now! We'll have to get a pic.

Then it was my turn. Mum combed me out good. And you should see the mass of fur she got out of me. I've been blowing my coat this year, much more than I ever have in previous years. Take a look at this!

It's kind of difficult to get a perspective on this and we probably needed to turn on the sconce to get a little more light on it, but it was too much for Mum to get all waded up in one hand. She had to use two.

Now you wouldn't think that a 15.5 inch, 16 lbs. pup would give off this much fur would ya. Especially since Mum has been pulling clumps out of me nearly everyday for several weeks. This is insane!!!!

Gotta tell ya, though. Gracie and I look spiffy! And why are we spiffified? Because we are going to visit some of our MySpace doggie friends later today. Several of us from Chicago, Indy, Ohio, and Tennessee are all getting together on the south side of Indy to meet in person for the very first time. Now this should be cool!

We'll tell you all about it tomorrow with pics and everything, so stay tuned!

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  1. Hi Johann

    I recommend endlessly scratching yourself to deposit shedloads of fur all over the place.

    Much more fun than someone doing it for you.



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