Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gracie's big performance!

Last weekend surely was Gracie's weekend. Not only did she compete in the CPE trial here and get a 1st place and a Q in Snooker, but she performed at a children's birthday party.

Gracie had a blast entertaining the youngsters Saturday night, even though it was a sweltering 95 degrees at 6:00 PM, and humid as heck. I think Mum had more trouble with the heat than Gracie did, though.

The evening started out loading up the car with a few jumps, some weaves, Gracie's practice tunnel, and treats and water of course. They arrived at the house around 5:30 and Mum set up a little agility course. Mum gave the Birthday Girl's Mom this cool coloring sheet that teaches children how to approach a dog safely.

Then it was time for Gracie to do her stuff. She did a few tricks - wave (got some big, ahhhh's for that), sit, down, shake, high five, lie down, and bang. Then the little ones lined up in a single file, to have Gracie sit for treats. She did great! Sat nearly every time.

After that it was time for a little water break, and then a little agility. Gracie did some jumps, tunnel and six weaves. She was hot and tired, but she did them like a pro. Many of the attendees were video taping her activities and she sparkled for them.

Then it was time for more tricks, more treat giving by the youngsters and Birthday Girl. After that Gracie did some jumping with the water hose and buckets of water. She jumped pretty good! And got a nice cool off in the process.

I hear they really liked having Gracie attend and perform at the party. And she earned her first bucks as a performer.

Mum and Gracie got home at about 7:00 and I definitely had to check them out for all the new smells they brought home. The kitties even wanted to smell them instead of checking out their new cat supplies, goofy kitties.

Both Mum and Gracie were beat when they got home; and I was ready to play!

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