Thursday, August 07, 2008

My kittie bros check up and practice today!

Yesterday afternoon, Mum took my kittie bros, Wolfie (right) and Wiggy (left), for the annual checkup with our best vet - Auntie B. It's weird to think that the kitties only leave the house once a year for their checkup. And dog, they sure don't like it! They caterwauled all the way there.

Once they got there they got their nails trimmed, because they bite Mum when she trims them. They used to be OK with it before Gracie and I came along. But now they spend a lot of time being on guard. Ha! On Guard!

Wiggy did pretty well with the exam. But when it was Wolfie's turn, he turned into the meanest cat you ever saw. He tried to bite and scratch everyone in the room and there were three trying to corral him. He got Mum, but she didn't care. Poor guy was scared to death.

You may remember that Wolfie was feral for about 8 months before Mum found him. He hid from everyone that came to adopt him from my GrandMum's yard. But when Mum walked in the yard he came right over to her. No one could believe it. So she took him home and they are crazy for each other.

Both of them got home safe and sound, with their updated shot for distemper. Got a clean bill of health (their 10 and 9 years old now, wow), and made up with Mum when she fed them dinner.

While Mum was at Auntie B's she asked about my tummy girgles that were still going on, even though I was keeping food down and my poo was solid. Mum perscribed some Chinese Herbs that I'm taking now, to help settle my tummy. So far they are working great, no more girgling. This could come in real handy at trials sometimes.

Since I am feeling nearly back to my old self, Mum took me and Gracie to agility practice this morning. We worked on some 180's and 270's, and getting me to take them faster and tighter. We also worked on some start line lead out situations, that we've never done before (those will need further work).

I ran a nice little course, got to the dog walk and bailed it again. So we got out the mouse pad and started doing some work with it. With additional work this week, Mum thinks I'll understand the criteria for the mouse pad and then next week at practice when we see the dog walk again, we can test it out. We'll keep you posted and even try and get some vids of the mouse pad work with both me and Gracie next week.

So Gracie and I are going to the USDAA Show N Go on Saturday. She's entered in three runs, me in Standard and Gamblers. I need to work on distance and the dog walk, so that, along with gaining more speed will be my goals for the day. Should be fun!

I'm entered in the USDAA trial (indoors) the following weekend, five runs each day. So I also need to work next week on building my stamina after being sick.

What plans do you all have for the weekend? Something fun I hope!!!

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