Monday, August 18, 2008

Taking care of Madison!

You may remember that last week our neighbors went on vacation, and asked Mum to take care of their Belgian Sheepdog, Madison (aka Maddie). Doesn't Madison look a little like a big version of me?

Well, It drove me crazy every time Mum went over to their house to play with Maddie and feed Maddie, and hang out in the backyard with Maddie, and walk Maddie, and even do a little agility with Maddie. I just couldn't stand it! I thought Mum was going to have to give me acne cream for all the breakouts I was getting from the stress. Just kidding, BOL!

Mum was pretty excited, when after 10 days, Maddie's peeps were coming home. She told Maddie she only had to wait three more hours and they would be home. That would have been about midnight on Thursday after we were asleep. Then Mum got a call on Friday morning that they missed their plane! And they wouldn't be home for about 5 more hours. So Mum went back over and fed Maddie again, and had to tell her to wait just a little longer.

Maddie was so good all those 10 days. He was even free in the house the entire time, when he wasn't with Mum. What a good dog! Mum couldn't leave me and Gracie in the house that long, fur sure - we'd get into some serious trouble.

Maddie was sooooo happy when his peeps got home. He went zoomin' all over the yard, jumping miles high at the same time. Then about an hour later Maddie's Mum came over and gave Mum presents for taking care of Maddie while they were gone - she got a $25 gas card, and a really cool sweatshirt. Mum was really surprised and happy.

I was jealous, because I thought I was the one that put up with everything - all that non-attention from Mum every time she went over there to take care of Maddie. Humpht, what's a dog gotta do to get some presents around here?

BTW - Mum took these pics with her new Palm Centro, not bad huh?

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  1. mom wants a Centro so bad!! Those pics turned out great!

    guess you better start making your contacts to get some pressies! ;o)




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