Thursday, September 18, 2008

Getting organized!

Mum likes to be organized. With all the activities we do, and work stuff, we have a big lack of time. So being organized is pretty doggone important at our house.

So what does Mum do? She labels everything! She's kind of obsessive about it. (Folks have told her she's very meticulous at times, that's an understatement). But she's always been that way. She thinks an organized life is a happier life, and leaves more time for the fun stuff.

She's organized all of our stuff with labels; our training gear, our trialing gear, our ribbons (by what year we won them) our file folders and other stuff for work, our stuff to do box, our stuff to throw out box, our toy boxes, our medicines (heartworm and homeopathic) name it she's labeled it.

Put a label maker in her hand and she'll go crazy! Lately she's on a big kick about labeling stuff with expiration dates, especially our treats. Because recently she bought us some treats and realized when we got home that they had expired. She took them back to the store, and now checks the dates every time she buys us something now. She doesn't want us getting sick.

And she's on a kick to label our agility stuff, so that when we are at a trial, our stuff doesn't get mixed up with someone else's stuff. What does your Mum do that's kind of wacky and obsessive? Tell us, we want to know if other Mum's are like ours!

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