Friday, September 26, 2008

The hawk is back!

Mum, Gracie and I were inside yesterday just finishing up our dinner. Mum looked out the back door and look what she saw!

That mangy hawk is back, and this time it had the gall to sit right on my fence! Couldn't believe it! Mum could only take the pic through the window (that's why it's not so good). She didn't want to open the door, 'cause I would have been after that dude!


  1. KHOOL!

    My mom loves to spot birds like that!

    In fakht, when we got home from the hike last Saturday, there was a Khoopers Hawk in the yard but she hadn't brought the khamera in YET so she went bakhk to get it so she khould take a pikh WELL a darned skhwirrel made it go bye bye!!


  2. Yes, that's a Cooper's hawk and they love to raid backyard bird feeders!

  3. What a wonderful photo. I'm glad you didn't get out to chase it, though I'm sure it was disappointing for you.


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