Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Keeping track of my agility stats!

Mum was entering my weekend agility run and trial stats into the computer this morning. Looks like I'm 295 MACH points and 1 DQ away from my MACH title.

At the rate I'm going (averaging about 6.9 points for all my Q and NQ STD runs, and 2.8 points for all JWW runs, at a 57% Q rate for STD and 60% Q rate for JWW - which sounds horrible by the way; must improve!) My math isn't very good, but...I'm a little over 61% of the way there with 47 trial days. So that means I will have to do about 30 more trial days to get there at the rate I'm going right now.

As of today I have plans for about 20 (AKC) trial days scheduled between now and the end of February. My goal is to get my MACH before my 5th birthday, which is June 25, 2008. If all goes well, I should make it, yes? Big thing, is I need to stay healthy this Winter! Big, big thing!

So how do I keep track of all this?

After a couple of my first trials running agility, I knew I needed something to help keep track of my trials, runs, points, YPS, and more. Being the semi-geek that I am, I started looking around for a computer program to help me.

And because I like to save my money for running agility, I wanted something that was inexpensive. I found the perfect program for me very quickly, and the best part is it's free. (I did follow the instructive suggestions and gave a nice donation to the shelter that rescued me in exchange for the program - have every year!).

So what program do I use? It's the Agility Record Book. I've used it since early 2006 to keep track of my agility runs and trials. Love, love, love the program. They even have a Yahoo Group with great support from the creator - David Connet. If you need something to help you keep track of your trials, runs, training and calendar - we highly recommend this program. And, I want to publicly thank Dave for putting together a really great computer program for us to use. I'm sure it's a lot of work for no pay. Thanks Dave!

Here are a few screen shots of what the program looks like (which I might add, supports all the major venues). It's fairly bare bones, but it is free and does exactly what we need it to do - and being bare bones makes it more simple and easy to use. We don't even utlize all the functionality, like the calendar (since I use Google's shared calendar for that - see side bar), or the training journal (hmmmm...maybe we should!). (You can click on the image to enlarge).

There are other programs out there, one being Agilityjot (comes with a free 30-day trial, and then is $36.00 per year). Another is Agility Trial Journal (also has a 30-day trial, and costs $79.00, supports only USDAA, AKC and NADAC). Most of these are all Windows based (sorry Mac users). Those are all we could find, if you know of others leave a comment!

So tell us, how do you keep track of all your stats? And how do you like your program or system?

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