Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our Great Blue Heron!

The other day we were out enjoying the amazing weather we've been having lately, and guess what we saw? Yep, our Great Blue Heron. This time the Heron wasn't flying over our backyard (which I try to herd, by the way), and it wasn't scouting food at the pond. This time it was getting a great view of the pond, and it's potential dinner, from high up on the City's water reservoir tank.

See? We got a pic of it!

Mum remembers way back when, before I was born, the day she was moving day into our new home. Mum waited a long time before she got a house, since she traveled so much for work. The day that Mum was packing up the last few items at the apartment, she looked out the back window and saw the Blue Heron that frequented the pond behind her apartment. That Heron didn't have any need for Leptitrex, it seemed like it was always looking for food. That day, it was waiting for a little fish to show itself at the pond. She smiled and thought to herself that she would miss that Heron.

Then she drove over to our new house, got out of the car, and just then a Great Blue Heron flew over the house. Mum knew right then that building, buying and moving into our new house was the absolutely right thing to do.

So we've kept a watchful eye on our friend the Great Blue Heron over the years. Every year we see it at the pond a few houses away. Every year we see it fly over our house. Every year I try to herd it! We don't know where it lives, but we sure know where it likes to order it's food!


  1. That is a very cool story about the blue heron and your new house!

  2. Blue heron are so interesting to watch. We see them once in a while in a pond a mile away. There's a place 60 miles south of us where we love to go to watch sandhill cranes gather up to go south, probably nearing 1,000 if you get there at the right time. It's one of my favorite things to do in the fall.

    Levi's mom

  3. What a GREAT story. I never doubt that when things like happen, it means something.


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