Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Bi and Silvia!

You probably know that our friend Silvia Trkman got a new puppy recently. Bi's the name!

We've been paying loads of attention to what they've been up to. And Silvia has been incredibly gracious in sharing her techniques of shaping, tricks, foundation development, and lots, lots more. You can share in all the information on her website.

The other day we were emailing back and forth a bit with Silvia, catching up. Most all of the work that Mum did with me when I was working to gain my confidence back after my injury last Winter, we credit to what Silvia taught us at the seminar last April. Thanks to her methods, I'm getting faster and faster all the time.

With the past few weeks she's posted new videos of Bi, her new BC pup. So we just had to share 'em. And don't forget to stop over to visit her YouTube channel, it's packed full of great vids.

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