Saturday, October 11, 2008

Made it through one day!

Well, we made it through one day, barely.

Started off with Gamblers, nice speed in the beginning, got in about 24 points in a 1-2-3-5 course, then the buzzer sounded for the Gamble. It was a doable Gamble, but I took an unplanned course just as the buzzer sounded, we headed for the first jump of the gamble, then it was an out jump with layered weaves, I turned in to the weaves, so we were out. Next time!

Next up was Standard (this was the one I needed for my Standard Agility Master title. Got it with a sloppy run, just barely. I was speedy in parts and slow in others, but at least Mum improvised well this time and we made it through. So I got my SAM title today.

Then it was time for Steeplechase. And I was much slower in this run than I've been in my runs the previous two weekends. Mum's not sure why, accept that she really hurt after running me in this run. Maybe I'm sensing that she's hurting. I took a wrong tunnel entrance staying too close to her, and we were out. Mum went limping off the course.

We were supposed to run Snooker after, but Mum knew she wouldn't be able to make it through, so we headed home to heal her up.

She iced herself down, took some Advil. I took a short nap with her. Then about four hours later her back started to pop and now she's feeling better again.

We're going to give it a go again tomorrow. Mum promised that if I ran, she'd run no matter what. So here's hoping for some good, speedy runs for me and Gracie tomorrow!

Hope you all are having a great weekend!


  1. Congratulation on your SAM! Sorry your mom feels bad. Diana

  2. Oh, that's great about getting your SAM title! Hope your mom feels better tomorrow.

    Levi's mom

  3. Johann - congratulations on your SAM! Sorry your mum is still so sore - we don't know how she's still going out there and running with you when she's in so much pain. Tell her to take care of herself!

  4. Thats fabulous you got your SAM - you guys are troopers!
    Take care of your mum.


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