Friday, October 24, 2008

Muddy, dusty agility!

Just got back a little while ago from the Dayton Dog Training Club agility trial at the Circle G Ranch in Lewisburg, Ohio. We got up early, left early, and then waited about three hours to run. Tomorrow we are going later! :)

It rained hard all the way there today, a bit of a knuckle whitener. But we got there safe and sound.

We're running in a horse barn this weekend - dusty, dirty, and with the rain, super muddy. We're so dirty, we could use a new Tea Collection. But the messier the better, is what we say. And the temp was cool. Great running weather.

Our first run was Standard. Mum put me in the second tunnel (see the vid) and since she ran in front of the entrance too early, I popped out. Learn something new everyday. So Mum decided to push me pretty hard on my dogwalk to see what I would do.

Check out the running dogwalk in my vid! I think it's improving.

The rest of the run was fairly speedy, weaves are looking better all the time. My Frame was faster than Mum anticipated and she bobbled me on my next jump, but I saved it.

Turned out to be a fairly nice run that we were both happy with. The best part is that after the run, we found out the judge didn't call the tunnel fault and we got the Q. Gotta gimme, for all those times on the other side. Guess Karma really does step in (but of course!).

Jumpers was about an hour later. A nice course with a tricky weave entrance and a twisty turn-y part. Mum loved how I tackled the weave entrance. Then Mum tried to handle me tight through the loopy part. I'm still running wide, so we need work on that. But a fairly nice run, nonetheless.

We ended up with a DQ, and 22 MACH points. Sixth place in Standard, and Fourth place in Jumpers. And we were just within a second or two of first place in JWW. That was nice.

The best part? All three of us were covered with dirt, dust and mud. Too fun!

EDIT: By the way, I think the jumpers course (at least that jumping sequence) would be a great practice set up for many, so many different ways to handle it. We want to practice it again :) We'll post the course map later in the weekend.

Here is a vid of my runs today.


  1. w00f's Johann and Gracie, nice job on ur run, Johann...

    b safe,

  2. Wow, a lot of great runs last weekend and today and no doubt more to come later this weekend! Johann really does look like he's picking up the speed lately, he looks great. Gracie too, I was very impressed!

    Nice dogwalk as you mentioned in today's standard. Walter has a running frame and it seems his striding is best when I really run all out and don't hold back and worry about it. I think it's because when he's going faster he's more likely to leap the apex and then hit twice, striding well into the yellow. Probably a whole different thing on the dogwalk though, I don't know, but I have no idea as we still do 2o2o for that.

    Anyway, keep up the great work :-)

  3. woo! Nice handling! Nice Run Johann.. no worries about Mum throwing you off.. you should see what Qor's other Mum does to her on the gamble in gamblers!

  4. Very nice Johann ... nice contacts ... dog walk very goooddddd.

    Come on Johann make your mum move faster :)

    Keep the excelente work



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