Monday, October 13, 2008

New tug toy!

Mum acquired a new tug toy for us yesterday! Check this out, it's all the talk on the agility boards (well, last week anyway). Its from Clean Run, one of our favorite sites for toys, treats, agility gear and more.

This is the Tug It Training Toy. And here's what Clean Run site says...
Tired of trying endless ways to teach your dog the wonderful game of tug? Finally there's a training device to teach a dog to tug that makes the process both fun and easy! The Tug It! is made out of nylon/polyester mesh so it automatically delivers food reinforcement as the dog clamps down on it. The harder the dog mouths the toy, the more food reinforcement the dog gets.
So Mum is going to try it out with Gracie. She tugs when she's in hyper drive mode at trials and in classes, but Mum wants to use it for getting her in that mode when she wants her to, at practice in the backyard, and in private lessons.

Mum's going to use string cheese in it to start and see how it works. We'll keep you posted!


  1. Mum has already had to clean it. She put some dishes soap on it and scrubbed it together. Worked great.

    And she could throw it in the wash after a rinsing.


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