Monday, October 20, 2008

USDAA planning live video from Cynosport!

Cynosport World Games '08

Big news for USDAA fans! From the USDAA website...
USDAA is pleased to announce that preliminary tests on new high speed Internet connections at WestWorld of Scottsdale will now permit video streaming from the 2008 Cynosport World Games in Arizona. USDAA has contracted for the extension of the high speed services onto the polo field so that the event can be streamed live for the tournament finals, and for a daily wrap-up report at the end of each day of the event.

Should tests go as expected on Monday, October 27, a broadcast schedule will be published on the USDAA news page and Special Events page at The live stream will be archived for future retrieval, and special clips shown through the day will be uploaded for on-demand viewing. A DVD is also expected to be produced for post event home viewing, for which a link will be set-up for advance purchase in the USDAA Store.

"We are excited about this technological development for this year's event," says USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch. "We have been trying to get the facility to help with this effort for the past four years, and finally, thanks to another major event who pressed for installation of the connection, we are going to be able to run a stream for our competitors and others who are unable to view the event in person."

There is a chance, no matter how slight, that the connection could be interrupted. Should this occur, we have made back-up provisions to capture key runs and get them uploaded to the web as soon as practicable.

Presently, a video commercial is being streamed on the USDAA web site here. The link for the stream will be on the Cynosport home page at once the full production and distribution system has been put into operations.

Come join us online for this year's Cynosport World Games and cheer on your friends from your own home or office! Or schedule a watching party at your neighborhood sports bar. Many sports bars today have party rooms that have Internet connections.
So mark your calendars!!!!

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