Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We've added language translation to our blog!

This morning we added language translation to my blog (see the right hand column with all the flags) for our ever increasing International readers!

We tested it, but of course can't read the translations. :) Let us know if it's working properly if you get a chance. We'd love to hear.

And a big, big, big, thanks to Wayne Horkan, Chief Technologist for the UK and Ireland at Sun Microsystems for the code!


  1. Oh yeah!
    The translation works fine!
    So I can understand everything even without my UP (preferred human).
    I don't write Italian so well to put a similar feature in my blog.
    I speak a slang, my slang.
    I always skip the first letter of the words... I write so fast! I'm always in hurry!

    Bark Bark!

  2. Yeah it's working!!! So glad.

    If you want the code, go to Horkan's site, and just replace your url, and then add it to your sidebar. It was easy!

  3. Hi Johann .. PORTUGAL PORTUGAL :)

    very nice....

    i must be honest , portuguese is very dificult to learn, and i never saw a online translation works all the way :(

    but , it works fine, some verbs are wrong, but the idea is there
    don´t worry , every portuguese knows english :)



  4. You are right, Hugo, that google translation from and to portuguese is just so, so.

    I just wish I knew more portuguese to better read your blog! :)

  5. Do you want some lessons !!!



  6. :) Me learning human speak and Mum learning dog speak, may be enough for us for now! :)

  7. :) :)

    i want to learn that language too !!!

  8. Hi Johann,

    Thanks for the mention; just thought I'd let you know I've added another 11 languages that are now supported by Google into my translation code. You're welcome to grab a copy.

    All the best,



Thanks for barking in!

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