Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Woo, hoo! Fantastic practice at the pawty!

We arrived at the party and what did we see? Devils, ghouls, princesses, and other fun costumes on dobes, boxers, shelties, border collies, terriers and more!

Gracie, Mum and I had a fantabulous time at the Howl-o-ween Pawty, hosted by the Pawsitive Partners Dog Agility Training Center on the south side of Indy.

After we were freed from our costumes we got to play. Play at agility!

Mum had decided before hand that she wanted to work my dogwalk, some jumping sequences and turns off the Frame. And we got all of that in. I think I must have done 8 or so dogwalks and about 5 frames during my two runs, but I was loving it!

We really pushed the running dogwalk to test it out. I did great if Mum was running laterally, but the minute she veered out, I bailed. So we need some work to get me to understand I have to run it all the way down, no matter if Mum turns or not. But it's really coming along. And we are pleased.

We did a jumping sequence with three jumps to the teeter and Mum did three front crosses to handle me through the sequence, all in a row. She stayed out of my way, and still was able to keep me pretty tight. She was really happy with that. And she did a nice rear cross after the frame to send me to a jump, worked really well, much better than the same situation last weekend.

Still need jumping practice, tighter turns, and of course the dogwalk work. But what a great time I had. I ran my guts out, and was super fast. What fun!!!!

The best part of the evening? Gracie ran two runs, with a course that Mum planned with about 12 obstacles. Gracie was super focused and didn't run off a single time, not once!!! She actually looked like an agility dog :) and Mum was super proud of her. She did a nice running dogwalk and frame, a super fast down on the table x2, she took jumps in long lines, and turns as well. And after a few tries she did her weaves, but that was Mum's fault for not helping her with the entrance. She still needs that reassurance.

There were probably 20 or so dogs there, and a fairly charged environment. So to see Gracie super, super focused was really great. She had the, and I mean the, best time!!!!!

We want to thank the folks at PP for holding the event, it was a great time to get in some practice, and see all of our friends!

Hope you all have a Happy Howl-o-ween!

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  1. Sounds like you all had a fantastic practice! Way to go Gracie!!!!!


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