Friday, November 14, 2008

Nina Ottosson intelligent and interactive dog games!

We've had our eye on these really cool interactive and intelligent dog toys from Nina Ottosson for a while now. So we were super excited when we found that they are now offering them through Clean Run!
"Nina Ottosson's range of durable interactive games have been designed to stimulate a dog's brain while reinforcing his relationship with people. Each design has a unique mechanism that requires mental as well as physical dexterity to work through the challenges and reveal hidden food rewards.

The games can be set to different levels of complexity to satisfy all ages and types of dog. So whether you have a Forrest Gump or an Albert Einstein, there is a Nina Ottosson game to suit him!"

Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado GameNina Ottosson Dog Brick Game

Nina Ottosson Dog Magic Game

These toys would make a perfect holiday gift for your pup. They are fun, entertaining, provide wonderful interaction and play time with your dog. Once your dog gets their bearings, there is no telling how much they can learn.

I know that my sis, Gracie, after coming to live with us after being taken from the hoarder, had a hard time with intelligent games. But Mum worked with her and before long, she was using her noggin, thinking for herself and have a great time!

And everyone knows, right, that using their brain tires out a dog just as much as a long, long walk. And with winter being her in the US, this would be a great indoor game for your and your dog to keep entertained, active, and learning!


  1. Thanks for posting this. I love the Nina Ottosson games and I haven't been able to get them here in Australia. But... I have friend in the US who is coming to Australia soon. Oh, I might be able to get them at last!

  2. I'm wondering whether you know how heavy these toys would be. I went to the site and the postage is nearly $200 Australian dollars for one toy, so I know I can't do that.
    But I thought a friend might bring them to Australia when she comes here for Christmas.
    Have you tried them out yet? Are they heavy?

  3. I so want to get all of them!

    I am pretty sure, you may have to check, but the supplier I have linked to - Clean Run - ships all over the World. May be worth looking into!

  4. I'm afraid I don't know the weight of the toys. I found on another website, that her wooden toys weight about 2-3 lbs. each.

    I found that the red one weighs about 4 lbs. And the dimensions are about 16x12 inches.

    I did some searching on the Internet this morning, and I see that several companies sell them in the UK, but don't ship outside of there. :(

    Hope that helps!

  5. The brain works in mysterious ways. After you posted this the other day and I watched the video, that night I dang DREAMED about my dogs playing with this toy and some other weird ones that my subconscious invented on the spot and now in my waking state remain unclear.

  6. You know what that means, Ellen. If you dream about it you have to get one. :) That's what happened with my car, kept dreaming about the darn thing and before you know it, I bought it.:)

    They sure look interesting, was wondering how much I could replicate this kind of activity with stuff around the house, hmmmm....

  7. I so-o-o-o want ALL the nina ottosson toys! I'm getting desperate enough to think (1) I should set up as an importer and bring them to Australia myself OR (2) I'll have to arrange a holiday to Europe!

    I've tried to convince a local shop that there would be a market for them here, but so far no luck.

    However, on a more realistic note, I think Clean Run are going to post one toy to a friend in NY and she is going to redirect it to Australia BY SEA, which shouldn't cost too much (hopefully).

    I am SO jealous that you can buy them whenever you want to. I'm going to get the dog tornado first, I think, as that's plastic - not so heavy.

    But... now I'm dreaming of Dog Box.

  8. We've been coveting these toys for a while now. It's just recently that they've become available in the US. I want them all too!!!!

    Oh, I hope you can find someone to carry them in AUS. That would be great!

  9. I've ordered the dog Tornado! My friend is going to carry it to australia in her luggage - what a friend! Hope it's not too heavy. Anyway, we figure it won't cost too much as excess baggage, if necessary.

    By the way, have you tried making your own toys from pvc pipes? I'm posting a video of penny playing with one.


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