Friday, November 07, 2008

Reliable Running A-frames DVD available November 18th!

The highly anticipated Reliable Running A-frames DVD from Rachel Sanders will be available on November 18th from Clean Run, so we added it to the front page of our shopping site -

Here a synopsis from the site...
"More and more handlers desire a running A-frame. Some worry about the unknown long-term physical effects of stopping dogs on the obstacle. Some feel that their dog's structure or a previous injury makes stopping him unsafe. Others have dogs that clearly indicate they aren't physically comfortable with the behavior being asked for, no matter how hard the handler works on weight shift and motivation. And still others have competitive aspirations and want to perform the obstacle as quickly as possible.

But no matter why you want a running A-frame, there is finally a realistic approach to teaching an accurate and consistent running A-frame to all varieties of dogs."
If you're planning to train a running A-frame using Rachel Sanders' "box" method, the first thing you'll need is a PVC A-frame box. You can build your own box using 3/4" PVC and 3-way elbow connectors from the hardware store, but if don't feel like searching for parts and cutting your own PVC, you can purchase this kit from Clean Run.

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  1. Hrmm... the Mum read your post too and she says, "very interesting".

    Chase has a 2o2o on the aframe and the Mum likes it because Chase is so zippy fast that Mum needs a breather on the contacts!

    She is teaching me to lie on a mat after the Aframe is done. She calls it a floor on the floor.

    The Mum likes the stopping so she can catch her thoughts up. She is better at standard courses than jumpers, she says!


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