Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This Veterans Day we salute our K9 war heroes and those that provide service and therapy to veterans in need!

Today is Veterans Day in the United States, and we are saluting all the dogs that serve our country, as well as the many service and therapy dogs that provide our returning disabled and injured veterans with the help they need to cope with the challenges of every day life.

War dogs are veterans too.

Working along side brave soldiers, K9 Corps have helped soldiers since WW I fight for our freedom - saving many, many lives, with no regard for their own.

Many times these dogs are wounded and in need of therapy themselves. In 2008, a new $15 million veterinary hospital for four-legged military personnel opened at Lackland Air Force Base, offering a long overdue facility that gives advanced medical treatment for combat-wounded dogs.

Over the years these dogs have given their lives to military service, while others return home to live out their life in the peace and comfort of their handler families.

Visit my Dogs of War lens and learn more about our canine military heroes throughout history.

Service and therapy dogs give veterans something to lean on.

Far too many soldiers return from the war with disabling injuries and disabilities that make it difficult for them to cope with the challenges of every day life.

But there is hope. Specially trained dogs of of all shapes, sizes and color are helping these veterans in a wide variety of ways to give them the assistance they need to help them live a more full life.

This lens honors these canine heroes who give of their lives to veterans throughout the United States, and serve them selfishly - providing them with much needed assistance, comfort and friendship.


  1. A big HOOAH from all of us!
    May God bless and protect all of our veterans - two-legged and four!
    The Ao4

  2. Salute to the veteran dogs!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  3. That's really neat about the "Walter Reed" for canines. It's about time the K-9 dogs were recognized for all they do by giving them the care they deserve. It's got to be good for the morale of their human charges as well.

  4. Interesting view... shows how much you hoomans can depend on us dogs :)


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