Monday, December 22, 2008

Gracie does it again!

Gracie did it again! She Q'd on Sunday in both of her runs with perfect scores in Snooker and Jumpers. We gotta say we are pretty proud of her!

The Jumpers course was the first run of the day. Jumpers is not one of Gracie's strong suits - she thinks all those jumps are boring, but there were a couple of tunnels mixed in which helped make it more fun for her.

Mum thought her Jumpers run was probably one of the very best runs Gracie has ever had in her life! She was focused, fairly fast, and super determined. Of course Mum had to tackle her after her run, but they both had so much fun! You can see the Jumpers run - first one in the vid, and here's the course:

A couple of hours later Gracie and Mum ran Snooker. Mum made a good plan to make it super flowing for Gracie, no jerky stuff, no having to call off obstacle stuff. She's just not ready for that. Their run was pretty good. Gracie was so focused that Mum remembers making eye contact with her several times during the run - that was different.

Mum thought Gracie felt unsure, and not as determined. Maybe she was a bit tired - but having Gracie overly focused was a bit of a new thing. Gracie ran pretty slow on her Snooker run, even though she Q'd. But Mum couldn't complain, she didn't run off. But Mum doesn't ever want her to think she needs to be slow, so Mum thinks Gracie just needs to have more confidence - maybe now that she's getting focused.

Overall they had a great trial. Three Q's out of four is just an amazing accomplishment for Gracie. She now has 2 Q's in Colors and Snooker, 1 Q in Jumpers and 1 in Standard. Guess Mum will have to start thinking about entering her in the other events, cause now she's close to a title in Level 2.

Have to say it was so funny to see Gracie after her runs when she Q'd - she sooooo knew it she did well. And after the weekend was over, Mum thought that she knew when she did well, and when she didn't. If that's the case - that's huge!

Some super nice folks taped their runs during the weekend and would like to thank them!

Needless to say I was left at home on Sunday. The temperature yesterday was about 6 degrees during the day with a windchill of about 14 below. Not the best weather for me to be out in when I'm trying to stay warm and flexible.

Then last night the temp dropped to below 0, with a windchill of below -20. Have to say that no dog should have to go out in that to potty. Both Gracie and I had trouble with our feet, since there was also a dusting of snow on the ground. Mum had to carry us both inside - we just collapsed on the ground. So for another day or so while this weather is around, we hunkering down and not going outside unless we have to!


  1. Wow! Gracie was AWESOME! I don't know how it works but she was going fast to me! Gracie sure does have a beautiful coat! Is that brindle?(my Mommy is wondering) Y'all are soooooo talented! I know I say that every time I leave a comment, but Y'all are!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  2. Hooray for Gracie!!!! She's as gorgeous as she is talented.

    My Alpha has a question about weave poles. She wants a set for Christmas and was wondering what you would recommend for me to learn on...brand? 6 or 12? detachable guide wires? We heard is a pretty good place to buy ' you agree?


  3. Hi Eduardo! Thanks! Yep, Gracie has a little brindle on her - makes her even more special :)

    Hi Fenway! Thank you! We have our weave poles from Affordable Agility - we love them and their products. Great beginner and practice equipment. If we were going to buy poles now we would get their versa weaves - you can do channel, 2x2 and competition style.

    Have to say that Mum is a big fan of getting 12 poles right away. We started Gracie on Channel and then moved her to straight poles with guides. We hear that Susan Garrett's 2x2 DVD that's coming out next month is a great weave pole training tool. But we haven't seen it yet.

    Be sure and click through from our website - so we can donate 10% of our profits on your purchase to rescue! :)

    Thanks! Johann

  4. YAY Gracie!! She looked fantastic! Congrats :)

  5. Gracie! you looked sooo good. You go girl!

  6. Hi Johann! Your sis did a fabulous job at her trial over the weekend! Give her a big sloppy kiss from me (and give your mum one too for doing her part in Gracie's success!)

    Sorry you had to stay at home on Sunday, though. Maybe you enjoyed the peace and quiet?

  7. Woo Hoo yay for Gracie! I am learning about Qs and stuff and I hope I get some someday too! Hey I did a tunnel and jumps and a table the other day, it was super fun! I have to post about it. :)


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