Monday, December 15, 2008

Injury? update!

Today we headed out to the vet to get me checked out. Our regular vet and chiro is out of town and couldn't see us until Thursday, so we were seen by another vet in her office.

She did a pretty darn thorough exam on me, took my temp, checked my ears and heart, etc. She thoroughly evaluated my knees and joints. Then she gave me a nice chiro adjustment. I was loving that. Since I've been so tense, she 'expressed' me (if you know what I mean). And they took a urine sample, to rule out any other internal things. Then did some more adjusting. She checked my muscles for any swelling.

And here are the results. Still not sure if it's a muscle pull or not since they are very difficult to diagnose. But she's sure I don't have any tendon problems. And she didn't find any swelling. The initial urine test looked good, but they have to spin it and check for crystals still. But we're pretty sure it will be clean. BTW, I pee'd on demand, cool huh?

I have another appointment on Wednesday with my soft tissue specialist and will know more. She's super good at diagnosing muscle problems. And she always makes me feel so much better. We're also going to talk with her more about why this is now become a re-occurring thing (if that's what it is).

So for right now I'm getting one-half a Traumeel tablet three times a day for my pain. I get heat packs put on my backside - top, left and right to relax me. Don't need any more ice since the swelling is gone. Lots of massages and as much stretching as I can handle. And we're adding an MSM supplement to my diet to help with muscle strength and flexibility.

Tonight, I did a down for the first time since before Saturday's, well, whatever happened. I also did some stretch out work on my exercise ball, which surprised Mum, but I was loving it. And I even did one beg, which also surprised Mum.

So we think this pull, or whatever it is, is much more minor than last January's pull. Thank DOG! Mum pulled me from next weeks CPE trial (even though Gracie's still gonna run) and got us out of the AKC trial we had signed up for in January. That will give me full time to heal up from whatever. Mum is determined that I'm not coming back until every minor symptom is completely gone, and my strength is built up. And she's also determined to help me not feel like I have to be cautious when I come back like I did earlier this year. She has a plan.

And we're hoping I get well faster, 'cause last time Mum gained 10 lbs when I was laid up from my iliopsoas pull; and I sure don't want her to have to seek out any of those top diet pills!

Oh, and I am wearing a coat now anytime I go outside to help prevent me from getting tense from the cold and to keep my muscles from getting tighter. Right now Mum is using my Ruff Wear coat, which is pretty cool, IMHO. (That's the one in the pic of me). But it's not made for the 10-20 degrees we are having right now. So she ordered me a super cool high tech Obtrack Skrylle Dog Coats from Clean Run. They don't have a lot of sizes left, but we think we got the right size, and 15% off!

After emailing back and forth with Katie on Facebook, we were pretty sold on the idea of this coat for me during the winter months, since that's when all of my injuries have occurred. It will be great for me to wear in the backyard, and to and from the car at trials.

Here's the description on Clean Run - The Obtrack Skrylle Dog Coat comes up high on the dog's neck to keep the cervical area warm. It also gives excellent coverage of the other major muscle groups used in agility: hamstrings, quads, biceps, and triceps. It also made from a climate control fabric called Polartec® Power Shield™, which is highly breathable, gives warmth without the usual weight and bulk, blocks wind, and sheds rain and snow.

We should get the coat by end of the week.

Thank you everyone for all your great well wishes. I am feeling a little better. Mum sees quick progress, much more than last time; and is very hopeful.


  1. That's such good news, Johann! Hopefully this is just a minor thing and you'll be back doing agility in no time!

  2. There's my answer to what I just asked on your other post!


  3. You'll look very dashing in your new coat. Get well soon. Licks, Kharma

  4. w00f's Johann and Gracie, me shure hopes u feel better soon Johann...

    b safe,

  5. Hi Johann - you are gonna look very handsome in your new coat. It's spiffy! Did you see, smell or hear something that reminded you of something bad and then got you all tensed up? Mom says that used to happen to Clara, the sheltie that lived here before me. She apparantly was very sensitive.. I didn't know her, but she left me some nice toys in her will. I think she must of been really nice.

  6. Look after yourself, Johann - or better, get your mum to look after you. Get well.

    By the way, tell your mum the Nina Ottosson toys I ordered through you came to Australia in eight days! That free postage was wonderful.

  7. Johann, I'm glad to know your leggie is getting better. It's no fun when we pull a muscle. Just be a little more careful next time okay?

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  8. Me's so happy you are getting such special treatment. My moomie makes me wear a coat sometimes, too, but you look better in yours than me does in mine.

    Get well soon, Levi

  9. Does anyone you see know about 5 element theory? It's interesting to me that both injuries happened in the winter

  10. SOO glad to get this news. You are one much-loved dog here in cyberspace!

    PS to your mom, thanks for making it that way!


  11. I am glad it is not a serious injury! Good luck with your recovery.
    ~lickies, Ludo


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